Airheads is a Good Movie

i like Airheads.  it's a great release movie.


The lone rangers?! Phone Post 3.0

SealTeam69 - The lone rangers?! Phone Post 3.0

Johnny can't read

Johnny can't write!

What a cast.

DosAnjos#1fan - What a cast.

looking through the pictures i was just htinking this movie is freakin stacked with stars









judd nelson

Michael Richards


harold Ramis


rob Combie

Kurt Loder


One of my faves from mid90s. Used to always watch it when it was on Comedy Central.


I loved that soundtrack while I was in high school. Phone Post 3.0

I used to masturbate......constantly!

Naked pictures of Bea Arthur and a football helmet filled with cottage cheese Phone Post 3.0

Good candies too! Phone Post 3.0

Enamoratu - I used to masturbate......constantly!
My mom hated us for 6 months because of that line. Phone Post 3.0

Bea Arthur?... Outstanding.


thankfully Sandler plays a retard that doesn't say much so the film holds up well

They covered Reagan Youth, IIRC Phone Post 3.0

notsobigmike - I ain't fartin' on no snaredrum.
This Phone Post 3.0

LogProducer - thankfully Sandler plays a retard that doesn't say much so the film holds up well

Sandler was still funny in those days.

i approve of this movie

Who would win in a fight? Lemmy or God? Phone Post 3.0

Pip, put the monster away.....




Pip must be an OGer