Airlines Are Cancelling Flights

…due to lack of manpower. No baggage handlers and cleaning/maintenance people. AA said they will cancel 50-80 flights every day. Delta said wait times to talk to a reservation agent over Memorial Day weekend was 21 hours.
Hey, let’s pay people not to work.


I’ll do it.

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Wins all around for this piss poor administration.


I missed a flight due to insane wait times for security recently at DFW.

First time I’ve ever shown up 2 hours ahead of boarding and missed a flight.

It’s nuts out here.

My company paying an extra 2$ and hour until December. 500$ sign on bonus. Nothin. Just left to get lunch. Every single business I passed by had help wanted or now hiring signs.

Am i the only guy out here not getting unemployment anymotmre!?

Your probably better off asking the sherdog forums.