AJ McKee won that fight. WTF

Bellator really wants that trilogy

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He won that fight. This is where it would’ve been nice for the promotion to show punch, etc stats. But it was pretty equal striking with AJ getting the takedowns and ground control.


He did absolutely nothing to deserve that win. Every memorable moment of that fight, was Pitbull whipping that ass. Laying on top of someone for the last 15 seconds doesn’t negate you getting teed off on the rest of the round.


Got to disagree Pitbull pulled that off, the judges got it right.


I will go to my grave saying that first fight was at minimum pretty fishy. Finally some vindication in mma.been awhile

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What happened in the first one? I cant remember but I don’t see Pitbull throwing a fight for any amount of $

Is McKee a free agent now? No more champ clause right?

AJ 3-2 in my book. But it was close enough he can’t bitch. He’s taller n faster. All he had to do was kick n move like he always has. But AJ didn’t nice much. Allow fiere to steal it. Foolish

Crazy that AJs dad told him tween rounds that he won every round. Like Nick Dias would tell Nate.
Why corners think that it helps fighters when u lie to them. No idea.

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I had it 3-2 for Pitbul but I would have to rewatch to be sure. Super close and yeah wtf was senior thinking telling him to take it easy in the 5th


I cannot disagree with media scores like that so heavily in favor of pitbull but I believe the striking stats were something like 110 to 77 in favor of AJ

48-47, Pitbull.

pitbull was snapping the head back of AJ a few times tho

not all strikes should score equal

I only saw 2.5 rounds but the cleanest head punches were certainly Pitbull’s

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Really close fight from a scoring prospective.

I thought outright Pitbull won 2 Rounds and McKee won 1 Round

Then there was 2 close maybe swing Rounds that could’ve gone either way.

And I gave 1 of those to Pitbull and 1 to McKee going 3-2 Ptibull.

Why tf is Dave Meltzer on this list?

I’d take Cecil Peoples over fucking Dave Meltzer on MMA judging. Fuck throw Hellen Keller in there too

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Media scorecards mean nothing.

Look at Pitbulls face when he heard he won the fight.

His entire team was shocked.

Rigged for the trilogy , AJ wanted to bounce to UFC unless they paid him

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Theres the lovely Crooklyn… Kisses on your pink parts love!

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Agreed, when the media scores are so heavily skewed one way, that’s usually a pretty good indication.

I’m confused. Is Crooklyn one of the media scores?

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