AJ Styles = new IWGP champ

this is massive news. hes the 5th westerner to win it and first guy under 280 pounds. Very shocking IMO.






Those are youtube links for the match. Parts 1 -4 from top to bottom

Bullet Club! About damn time we showed New Japan who is boss. AJ can't even get signed by the WWE but is good enough to win the IWGP? Shows how dominant the Americans are Phone Post 3.0

First gaijin champ since Brock Lesnar

Bullet Club is serious business. They added Yujiro to the fold as well, betraying CHAOS. Their new aim is to control every title in New Japan. Gonna be a fun summer in NJPW Phone Post 3.0

Now he'll always be remember alongside such greats as Scott Norton and Bob Sapp. Phone Post 3.0

At this point he should just stay in Japan full time. Phone Post 3.0

Like Meltzer, I figured all along he would be winning it. No sense to give him a title match this quick if he were to lose.

This isn't the WWE. New Japan actually does things like this logically.

They needed some new blood in the title hunt, and a way to keep Bullet Club relevant without Devitt, and got both in one swoop Phone Post 3.0

Im a complete NJPW newb but try to keep an eye on it as much as possible....When and how did Okada turn face?

Wow in going to watch the video on demand show when I get home I was 100% thinking okada retains

Who does okada face at the NYC show now? Phone Post 3.0

Spoilers in thread title...

hows is it spoiler? The event aired when it was intended to and not on tape delay like smackdown.

Because most of it don't stay up until 4 in the morning to watch the show live. Just like the old Pride days. Phone Post 3.0

Good match? Phone Post 3.0

Was this a good move on new Japans part? I know devitt was being poised to take the crown but is this decision still smart? Phone Post 3.0

Great Match BULLET CLUB is taking over Japan they look dominant Phone Post 3.0