AKA training Baroni for Frank?

I know Phil was at AKA. Are they training him for Frank? If so huge advantage because that's Frank's old team. Can';t imagine Crazy Bob cornering against Frank though. Anyone know?


phil has been training with team quest in la and with coutures gym in vegas.

Team Quest is in Temecula and I don't think he is down here.

I thought there were a few Team Quest gyms... anyone know for sure?


Coutore is no longer with Team Quest, Phil lives in Vegas now and trains at Extreme Coutore. Randy is also co-owner with Bas of Legends in L.A

Phil sure does have a hell of a time sticking with one team.

Why would Phil leave AKA? Maybe they AKA/Cook wouldn't train him?

As the MMA World Turns...

I heard Phil was training with Frank.