AKA/WWE Puder in Sun-Sentinel

Puder shows WWE that he's tough enough is the title of an article this week on Daniel Puder appearing in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


1) Beat out an initial 3000+ applicants to be invited to Venice Beach and compete against 50 of WWE's top pick athletes.

2) Beat all 50 athletes with the fastest elimination course time.

3) Won the #1 spot in the final 8 contestants to be on Tough Enough's first ever $1mil challenge.

4) Has been a consistent crowd and fan favorite every week.

5) Won the Squat Thrust competition

6) Wrestled with Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle and arm-locked him, making him the all out favorite.

7) Won the "Tori Wilson Sex Test"

8) Beat the final 3 remaining competitors in an arm wrestling match, including the 6'0" 280lb "Silver-Back", 6'8" 280lb Justice Smith, and MTV's shameless "The Miz".

There are 2 days remaining to VOTE FOR DANIEL PUDER.




If he wins, and they put him in a feud with Kurt Angle, I might actually watch WWE for a few weeks.

I have voted twice so far.

is there a limit as to how many times you can vote?

One-vote only. Let's not cheat, ok?

You can't go wrong voting for Puder!

I voted Puder (just for you guys)

He never even armwrestled Justice. If he'd armwrestled Silverback, AND Justice then he'd have lost to one of them. He won that event, but only beat Miz and Silverback. Just nitpicking. :)

Is Silverback Ryan Reeves? How the hell did he ever beat him?

Vote guys because i came across an article that the miz has fucking tons of mtv teeny boppers voting on mulitple computers for the miz. The actually sent out chain letters to vote for the miz.

Dave meltzer was saying that kurt angle was pissed because he thought there was no way the miz should win, because he has no real athletic abilty out of all the 8 that were there and the hasnt one a competition. Even if puder beats his ass tommorow in the dixie dog fight the miz could still win by all those votes.

I like how that pic makes him look like he was staring down Angle. In reality Angle had him backed up and Puder looked intimidated.

does anybody know the theme song in tough enough, its by papa roach, but what is it called?

why is everybody behind puder when they talk shit about sims ,barnett, and any one else that wants to do pro wrestling?

When Shamrock was on WWF he had a mean ass character as "the most dangerous man on earth" or something like that

El Guapo -- WWE has the right to overturn the internet vote result.

Here's a preview:

Dixie Dog Fight - Daniel Puder vs. Mike Mizanin

These two Tough Enough finalists have survived the challenges each week. They have oulasted the rest to end up at Armageddon. They will face each other in a three round shoot fight (one minute rounds). Puder has the experience from his time in the cages and Mizanin is a reality show veteran. Puder has been the favorite all along and I see no reason he will stop now. I look for this one to end early and mercifully.

Here's what The Miz had to say lately:

Mike Mizamin has been keeping a 'Tough Enough Diary' on his website. In the latest entry he writes about fighting Daniel Puder tonight at Armageddon: "This is like a dream come true already. I'm going to be on a WWE pay-per-view, I may not be wrestling on it, but I'm still on it. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and allowed me to go to the next round to make it here. Also thanks to WWE for giving me this opportunity. It's been surreal. I bought the whole box set of Rocky so I'll be watching those getting prepared for the fight."

"Is Silverback Ryan Reeves? How the hell did he ever beat him?"

Puder beat the Miz, and then Justice Smith and Reeves had a really tough arm wrestling match, which left Puder with a huge but drained Reeves.

Timmarine take a long look at Simms and Barnnett then get back to us.