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Not to be too off the wall ... but has anyone read up on some of the 'supposed' religious based psychics (or otherwise enlightened people). I am personally referring to people such as Edgar Cayce, Emannuel Swedenberg, Rudoplh Steiner, Plato, etc... or any others of course. I am not really talking about Nostrodamus or Shirley McLaine ;)

The above people I referred to spent their entire lifetime in the pursuit of the truth or at least a truth ... and wrote some interesting books on their experiences. Granted, there are often some differences in their "truths". Supposed abilities to access information thru the Akashic records, etc.

I find it very interesting & enlightening (and potentially hazardous if not careful) to read up on the experiences of someone who has spent an entire lifetime meditating, supposedly accessing the Akashic records, reading the bible, etc. Of course these days there are sooo many people like this, but back 50-100+ years ago, this was not too common.

Has anyone on this forum spent a ridiculous amount of time praying, meditating & fasting (not 1-5 years, I mean 20-40 years)? If so, how has it affected you?

Cayce & Steiner were very Christian based ... and rarely went away from it other than to perhaps add more to the story (true or not).

When I read stuff like this, I always have my BS detector on hand ... when it goes off I laugh (like when I read the Urantia Book it started beeping when the "beings" discussed how there are only 100 elements ... the number currently known back in 1955 when the book was published ... heh heh ...). But some of the above readings have made it without the BS detector going off too much ... so I can't help but wonder of it's validity.

PS: Just because something sounds wrong or like BS, of course, doesn't make something instant crap. I have my issues with Genesis talking of the earth coming before the stars and our sun ... doesn't mean I throw out the whole book.

I could understand the Akashic records as the ecoes of past facts. Like the scientists looking at stars that we know are not where we can see them anymore.

I mean, there are the records, the footsteps are there, but we donĀ“t necessarily have the ability to read them properly yet.

Which are the footsteps of our thoughts?

I'm somewhat familar with Cayce and far more so with Emanuel Swedenborg. I have done a fair amount of research on Swedenborg and have a very old copy of his "Heaven and Hell". Without a doubt one of the most brilliant men ever, just his early work and understanding of the cerebral cortex and the pituitary gland alone would make him stand out, but there is so much more that he did, discovered, invented. A very interesting study to say the least.

Dude, I'd gamble most people here are under 35 so we havn't had the time to spend 15+ years on the Bible.


Hey ... I'm 36 so I barely beat your age limit. Your comment about the age of many people on this board is probably accurate. It's the older folks I'm looking for ... kind of like the Black Belts of metaphysics, religion and philosophy.

The Akashic records: the 'astral' record of all events that pertain to the material universe, everything that every person has experienced. a.k.a cosmic consciousness, collective consciousness/unconsciousness (per Carl Jung), the universal mind, etc. I have heard it referred to as The Book of Life also.

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