Akebono (K1/MMA star and Sumo Legend) in coma



I heard this reported on Wrestling Observer Radio recently and saw it again today so thought I'd share for those who haven't heard. Hopefully he can pull through and recover but if he's having heart problems at his age and size it could be a sad ending, I hope he pulls through and much love and prayers to Akebono.

Get well soon, Chad.

Prayer for Akebono.

Only 47...too young to go. Get well.

Who knew being 400 lbs had heart consequences?

Damn, why did he ruin his legacy?

Tim Duncan - Damn, why did he ruin his legacy?

Wasn't he broke by the time he entered K1?

Bootsy Collins -
Tim Duncan - Damn, why did he ruin his legacy?

Wasn't he broke by the time he entered K1?
I know he was broke but there has to be other ways of making a buck. Im sure he could hang out at clubs in Japan and made a good living if he hadnt ruined his legacy.

An Update from Akebono's people,  



To all fans

Thank you for always having a warm cheer.

Well, regarding our company's representative Ake Taro,

Currently I am under medical treatment at hospital due to right leg appendicitis and infection.

As a result of repeated discussions with the hospital side,

We decided to cancel the appearances and appearances of all the events scheduled in the future.

Initially, the person himself also was largely discouraged by this decision,

Now as soon as possible, I am recovering for recovery in a positive manner aiming for return.

Also, some articles that were misleading due to some reports were posted,

Because there are many parts that are far from the facts,

I am going to revise this place and I will report only the facts.

To all our fans and everyone concerned,

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Regarding future schedule, we will report again.

Continue to thank you for Kotoruro.

Road Co., Ltd.