Akiyama had Rds1 and 2, Shields had 3.

Akiyama clearly had rounds 1 and 2. He defeneded all take downs and puched Jake around like a rag doll both rounds. Yoshiro also had some good takedowns at the end of both rounds to take those rounds. Shields had round 3. BS decision.

 I thought Shields won, but woulda been cool with Akiyama winning.

One of those fights where, in the end, neither guy really won - certainly neither's reputation.

Judges trying not to look like homers IMO Phone Post

Clearly huh?

In the first round it just seemed like Akiyama stood there and took Shields' shots, then hit a nice trip, but thats all he did that round. Shields might of not looked effective, but he was still landing shots and keeping the aggression. The second round was the same way, with Akiyama having more memorable moments, but doing just as much damage as Jake was. Third round was even until the final minute with grappling winning it for Shields.