Akiyama to rip apart Anderson Silva...MARK MY WORD

I've been saying for years how great Akiyama is and if he ever faced Anderson, he would own him.

Watch, UG.

Akiyama will throw Anderson, get on top and submit.

He will be the MW champion.

 doubt it

Yeah well see how he does minus loaded gloves.

I hope Akiyama is my MW champ


anderson is in trouble.

Fight of the year ... Silva vs Machida


do you realize that you automatically mark your words once you create a post? hence, noone has to do it for you.

Akiyama doesn't check leg kicks and it will come back to haunt him in big fights

 Why didn't he do any of that to Misaki?

I would like to see the fight but then again I like to see Anderson fight anyone.

He can pose a stiff challenge for Silva but I wouldn't bet on him in that fight.

Akiyama poses no threat whatsoever to Silva. None, in any regard.

 anderson has lost to guys like chonan and takase. akiyama is a threat,

but i see anderson winning regardless

Anderson isn't invincible, but how many people have to say that there is that one guy out there that's going to embarrass him? Manhoef, Maia, Marquardt, now Akiyama. I think Anderson will be okay no matter who he fights.

ummmmmm... lets see how akiyama does fighting in a cage vs the incredible athletes of the UFC before we start talking him up. My guess is that he would get KTFO by Anderson, but once again it is too early to tell.

Mit - I would like to see the fight but then again I like to see Anderson fight anyone.


Misaki cheated badly, for one thing

" Why didn't he do any of that to Misaki?"

 If I remember right, Akiyama didn't own, throw, or submit Misaki in the 8 minutes before the soccer kick.