Akiyama will beat Sak

I see no way of Sak winning this one

well, I just saw his record and it looks pretty impressive, though the guys that he fought weren't of exceptional caliber

and I friggin love sakuraba

the only question is if Akiyama is going to wear his gi

Akiyama deserves to be a slight favorite but he has not fought anyone with Sak's experience. If Sak can slow the pace, i think akiyama will gas later on. And Sak can sub anybody if he wants

I'm gonna go with Akiyama!!


Saku with that heart of his! Plus he's only vulnurable to Brazilians that
dont have Gracie in their last name.

I really hate this fight. I LOVE sak and I LOVE akiyama. I don't know who the fuck to root for!!!

ya, both are favorites. I'm gonna root for Saku, but it will be a pity if Akiyama loses when he's on such a roll.