Al Ewing is a treasure

Seriously, his books are now a must-buy for me each month.  Exception Royals... nobody could get me to read inhumans books lol.


The New Avengers was so over-the-top,. Quadruple agents, giant robots vs lizards, the Re-vengers... it was so good and I am glad he was able to pick up where he left off with US Avengers, which is following in the same spirit.


And The Ultiimates titles are the best cosmic-level stuff Marvel has put out in years. Real meta stuff.  


I wish the rest of Marvel could follow his lead on this stuff

I've been hearing a lot about Ewing's work and decided to pick up Royals after seeing it in my LCS. Man, that book sucks lol put me off reading anything else he's done.


Will try and give Ultimates a try as I've heard very good stuff.

yeah please don't judge him based on that lol