Al Michaels mentions MMA in the closing ceremonies

 Did anyone else hear Al Michaels mention MMA during the closing ceremonies last night?

 nope, u were hallucinating

Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku -  nope, u were hallucinating

Lol Phone Post

 It actually got mentioned quite a few times during the Canadian Olympic broadcasts in various sports.  Mentioned a wrestler that trained with GSP and also talked about similarities between MMA and taekwondo and Judo.  Probably because they know Canadians are more accustomed to MMA than any of those 3 sports.

^That's awesome, tbh.

Any mentions of MMA during an Olympic broadcast can only be good for the sport, helping further legitimize it.


 I'm not impressed by any olympian ever. All they do is win medals, so what? I could win one if I entered as many events as they do