Al qaeda re-emerging in afghanistan

Taliban went back on their word
Al qaeda growing
China shooting missiles at Taiwan
Russia rolling through ukraine and taking Americans prisoner
Iran and NK continue to work towards nuclear weapons

this shit just did not happen a couple years ago

NK got out of line and trump shut it down with the quickness

Biden is going to get fleeced for griner after alread being fleeced in Afghan by the taliban

What a fucking joke

The left would rather this than world calmness

you lefty fucks are fucking it up

Look in the mirror for why this is happening


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How could they? When we gave them a George Floyd mural. and 80billion in weapons.


Their religion allows them to lie when deemed necessary


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Great to see another American liberation success.

Only giant fools would believe anything the taliban promises. It’s laughable that the Biden admin believes this. Trump giving a fair hearing to North Korea was also ridiculously naïve.

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Taking Americans prisoner lol.

Didn’t you hear? Biden has been fully vindicated for the death of a Taliban leader that dieded yrs ago.