Al Roker? What the hell?

I went to the UFC Fight Night last night and it was definately star studded (Rampage, Randy, Forest, Rashaad, Nate, etc). Everytime you saw a bunch of idiots with their cell phone camera's out we were like 'who is it now?'. Well, anyway there was this huge group of people hovering around this guy and we really couldn't see who it is. Finally the "celebrity" escapes the crowd and walks right by us, I'm like ' guy..looks like Kirby Puckett...oh's Al Roker????'

What the hell does this guy have to do with fighting? And why were all the fans drooling over a photo of him?


racialist imo

He is the producer of the DEA show that was on after TUF

NCAA92 - He is the producer of the DEA show that was on after TUF


Makes complete sense now. Thank you.

 That DEA show was awesome.

Roker's got a pretty nice gig. He did the weather for The Today Show from Denver today, so basically, he can do and promote whatever projects he wants, and do his very undemanding, but high paying, day job from whatever city he wants.

 DEA show was really good.

But you all know there will be street justice to those snitches..

I would be pretty surprised if it was Kirby Puckett.