Al Snow saves kid from drowning in riptide

Former WWE star Al Snow is being hailed as a hero … after the wrestling legend saved a child’s life Thursday by jumping in the ocean and pulling the boy from a riptide.

The incredible act of bravery all went down at Santa Rosa Beach in Destin, Fla. … when Snow – who gained fame in the 1990s for carrying and talking to a mannequin head named “Head” during matches – says he heard yelling and screaming while he was in the water.

Snow says when he looked around, he saw a boy being hit by waves while being pulled away by a rough current.

58-year-old Snow says a lifeguard was on the beach … but added, “I knew she wasn’t going to make it in time” – so he sprung into action.

“I made it, thank God,” Snow said. “And, I caught him just by the arm just as a wave started to pull him even further out. If I hadn’t have grabbed him, I think he’d have probably went out to sea.”

“That would have been it.”

Snow, though, says the rescue mission nearly turned dire after he snagged the child … 'cause a wave took them under – and it caused him to remember Shad Gaspard who tragically died in the Pacific Ocean in May 2020.

“I was able to stay up,” Snow said, “and hand him off to the lifeguard and I made my way back across to my friend and we went up on the beach and I felt like I was about to collapse. I was exhausted.”

Snow said neither he nor the boy suffered injuries … and added the child’s mom cried and thanked him repeatedly afterward. -TMZ

The mom should thank him by giving him what everybody wants.





Wow what a story, textbook nearfall, comeback, and selling here by Snow, just as he always stresses the importance of to his students.

But in all seriousness congratulations to The Snowman on this heroic deed.


Good stuff Al


TRT Al vs TRT X-Pac

Tony Khan, make it happen!

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HE should be in aew backstage. Is he still involved with the business? He was with impact wasnt he?

Last I heard he bought OVW

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My comment got deleted!!!

I asked if he gave him Head!!!

Al has always seemed one of the few stand up guy’s in wrestling so well done Al.

And yes I hope someone clued the mom in on the appropriate payment method to show some gratitude.


As soon as they reached shore, Al took the boys finisher clean for the 1-2-3.


Al Snow is an amazing dude.

I used to live in a town right outside Lima. My parents took my sister and I to the mall one day and they were looking at cellphones. This would’ve been 94/95. The cellphone guy came over and asked if I liked wrestling and, when I said that I did, he told me that Al Snow was on the other side of the little thing that they had set up.

I went over and introduced myself and he stood and talked to me about wrestling for a little while and never once got shitty or impatient or anything.

It’s definitely a cool memory.


I don’t know why but I really want Al Snow in AEW now

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He bought it and later sold a majority interest. He still runs the day to day and has several wrestling schools.

-I just watched a news segment about him

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That’s awesome.


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Someone need to tell the kids mom what al snow want & need