Alabama's Next Senator Is Married to a Member of the Clegane Family

That’s a big dude.


Easily Trump’s worst senate endorsement this cycle other than OZ.

If you’re a conservative Republican, Mo Brooks was the guy.

Britt is a neocon McConnell acolyte who only earned Big Donnie’s endorsement because Trump had a meltdown after Brooks sensibly said it is time to move on from 2020.

Retired NFL lineman - he’s 6’8"

Britt and Brooks views are indistinguishable on all of the major issues (2A, abortion, immigration, taxes, education, etc) so the race IMO boiled down to a popularity contest. Katie is the pretty hometown girl “done good” who never missed an opportunity to emphasize her Christian values. Every one of her political ads constantly talked up how much Christianity shaped her world view while Brooks ran as “Maga MO”.

Probably not a retirement meca but Alabama is sounding pretty peaceful these days compared to a huge list of other no-go places that gets longer each day.

That man is a large animal.

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I look forward to revisiting this when Britt’s voting record in the Senate represents the Graham/Romney/Cornyn wing of the GOP.

McConnell was desperate to not have Brooks in the GOP because he was an actual MAGA populist. There is a reason why right-wing pundits like Ann Coulter were backing Brooks and McConnell was all-in with Britt.

It is going to be hilarious when there is a historic red wave in the midterms and the GOP pushes for more corporate handouts, more $$$ to foreign nations, and amnesty for DACA illegals.

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But it is Alabama.

Unless you live in a college town or some democrat-run city, there ain’t shit to do there other than go to Klan rallies and fuck your cousin.

I don’t have any cousins in Alabama so they should be safe. I’d take up deer hunting, maybe raise ducks and continue to develop my already tremendous duck jambalaya. Do they got catfish, I’m a big fan of blackened catfish. I’m sure the beer scene has improved as it has elsewhere in America over the past couple decades. I’d survive and perhaps thrive.


More catfish than any other fish in the Mississippi/Alabama/Georgia region.

LOTS of suburbs of the bigger cities in MS/AL/GA are expanding quietly but quickly lately, for the reasons you mention - crime is extremely low, cost of living is even lower, etc. The main cities themselves can be rough - like Jackson, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, etc. - but go 5-10 miles outside of them and it’s nowhere near what Hollywood would have you believe, it’s a solid retirement choice.

Only chronic pain in the ass is the summer heat :stuck_out_tongue: esp if you go closer to the Gulf, meaning you get 100 degree heat and 90-100% humidity, that’s brutal.


Yeah I know that southern humidity can be a son of a bitch but sounds good otherwise.


I guess Alabama also has that IG influencer chick the OG is always simping over.

She has a black boyfriend though, so this may put her on the shitlist around here.

Any majority black city is bad. You can’t escape that anywhere.


Sounds like someone has never been to the south

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i’m in nashville and met a buncha folks who moved here from there - they say its unbearably hot - nashville is hot as fuck temps all summer stay about 90-100 and real feel is always 10 degrees hotter - can imagine how hot alabama and mississippi are i guess arkansa too

I have, why do you think otherwise?

My comment was about the racism in the OG.

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Because my family have lived in rural Ga since 1780. I have lived here 46 years, and I have never ever seen a klan rally, known anyone in the klan or even heard anyone talk about it. The only time I have heard of white supremacist coming to Ga, they were in fact from Michigan. So when you spout dumb shit that you do not know about, it is obvious you have spent very very little time in the rural south

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True today… but I can tell you as NC and GA (and whatever falls next) become purpler and then blue… I have heard Orange Beach mentioned more often by some folks there as a retirement place.

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Biggest klan state is Indiana.

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I think MS is worse than AL by the Gulf… MS gulf beaches have that shitty brown water from the river run-off… AL not quite as bad.


Same senate race had Black Hawk Down guy in it.