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From the Walnut Ridge, AR "Times Dispatch".


I met Alan and others from Team Voodoo in San Diego. They're great guys and tough as hell.

Alan is a good friend and was a great training partner. He will go as far as his luck with injuries let him go. His work ethic and conditioning can not be questioned. And he has the natural ability to learn anything that he is shown.

I've had the privilege to work his corner on several occasions, and could not be prouder of him. Taking Marvin Eastman to a 5 round title decision in your 2nd pro fight sums up what kind of fighter he is and will eventualy be.

ttt Alan

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is this the same guy who came on the forum pissed that he wasn't picked for TUF 3. sounds like he has legit skills and after watching the show i'm sure he is probably better than a few of the guys who have been eliminated.... any idea what made them pass him up?

"is this the same guy who came on the forum pissed that he wasn't picked for TUF 3."

I don't think so. He usually does not post anything.

Alan actually did post on here about not being picked for tuf 3.

Alan is a great all around person not just a great athelete. I believe he was pissed off because TUF was picking personalities to push and not those who were the best qualified. I own a local fitness facility in Biloxi. Alan works not only on his conditioning but strenth and nutrition. He is going to be a star in this sport. Not only because of his ability but because of his character.

TTT for Alan (The Talent) Belcher

"The Talent" is one of the stars in the WEF at 185 lbs.

Alan Belcher vs. Jorge Santaigo from ATT would be a good fight.

WEF June 10th Vegas.

yeah, he posted about tuf 3 and caught a lot of shit on here. however,
based on his skill level, he had reason to complain. apparently it
motivated him because he has been hurting people since then. he's got
the potential to make it to the top.

TTT Alan

Alan is the man

Jamie, I want to thank you for getting us great seats and a sweet deal in the hotel at the Orleans at your WEF April 1st show. We traveled from the coast to watch Alan and team VooDoo. It was an awesome show. I was wondering if you were going to be selling the DVD to that show and if so when.

Looking foward to the show in June at the Orleans. I know some guys on here give you some grief but you treated us like gold when we were in Las Vegas and my wife and I truly apreciated it.


TTT for Belcher and WEF


Hey Bill!

Heya Jason,

How are things in your neck ? Im back at Jeffs after a lengthy off-period. Would love to see you if you can make it in. Tell John David I was pulling for him and listening live.


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