Alan Belcher is gonna pound Toquinho Palhares

May 5, 2012 at UFC on Fox 3 the hype train is over

Palhares' stand up is light years behind Belcher. And yes, Palhares is a killer on the ground but Belcher is a black belt in bjj too. I see this fight staying on it's feet & Belcher lighting him up like a doobie at a frat party.

People seem mesmerized by Toquinho and his behavior but that wont matter when Belcher tko's him.

Big fan of belcher, and I get instant respect for anyone who signs up to fight Stumpy.

Toquinho will win, though. Phone Post

 Quite possible, I think both men have clear routes to victory in this fight and that makes it very interesting - who can impose their plan?

If Belcher can avoid the leg attacks of Palhares (and his other submissions for that matter, lest we forget things like that brutal armbar on Salaverry) he'll probably pound Toquinho out.

Great fight!

Rip belchers leg :( Phone Post


Gonna be a great fight. Contrast of styles and body types. Belcher is no ignoramis to grappling though but neither were the BJJ BBs that Harris ripped apart.

It's a great matchup. Both of these guys fight to finish and their fights are always exciting. I think the key for Belcher will be to avoid the initial leg attacks. As the fight wears on, it's going to be tougher for Palharres to get a good grip. Belcher has more ways to win IMO so I'm going with him.

War belcher.

The hype on here for Palhares is quite ridiculous. Phone Post

RP is a man-beast. Freakishly strong..if it hits the ground it will be over within a minute.

I think Belcher will make this look like the Palhares/Hendo fight. He will use his reach and punish him everytime Paul comes in for the takedown.

Paul Harris is gonna break his leg. Seriously.

Cotton - Paul Harris is gonna break his leg. Seriously.

 sig bet?

Belcher is too well rounded and experienced. MMA player >> BJJ player, all day.

this will look a lot like marquart vs. maia

Jack Skellington - 
Cotton - Paul Harris is gonna break his leg. Seriously.

 sig bet?

The cal is on

Belcher got this.

I agree that Belcher has better stand-up but there are black belts and "black belts". Palhares has competed and beat extremely high level grapplers. I think If it stays standing Belcher will win but if it goes to the floor Palhares wins easily. Phone Post

The thing that makes Harris dangerous though is that he is strong, explosive and aggressive as a BJJ/sub guy and he, like Chael, doesnt waste a whole lot of time trying to show how far his standup has come along.

He is like Aoki, a constant sub hunter from every angle.

Belcher is big, strong, well rounded, and can take a punch but Harris will test him imo. Its hard to prepare for a guy like Harris. Belcher isnt exactly Hendo in the wrestling dept.

 the animal will win

Who the fuck is Palhares?