Alan Belcher vs Michael Bisping for Title SHOT?

I think this would be a great match to set up the next contender.

Bispings gotta get past boetsch first (or however u spell it!) Phone Post

I'd like the winner of Stann/Lombard to fight Alan and then have the winner of Bisping/Boetsch fight the winner of Wand/Vitor. Those are match ups i think all fans could appreciate and not to mention it would go a long way in carving out a good contender for Silva/Sonnen out of the debacle that is the MW division...

 Belcher has looked 5 start since his return but he needs another win before he gets a crack at a #1 contenders match

I think Belcher is ready, guy doesn't get nearly enough cred.

if the count survived against belcher it would be a huge shocker. too much of a mismtch, not worth streaming imo

 It would be nice if Bisping could get at least a one win streak going before talks of him getting a title shot.  

TripVersion01 - I think Belcher is ready, guy doesn't get nearly enough cred.

This. Plus Bisping just recently lost, he needs a win before he is in the discussion for the number one contender spot.

ok if Bisping beats Boetsch, which he should by using his speed and foot movement he should be next in line for the title shot. If Lombard wins he's next in line for the title. If Stann wins he should fight Belcher.