Alan Moore is Becoming a Douchebag...

I wanted to vomit in his gaping anus several times while reading this article:

I have an enormous amount of respect for Alan Moore as a writer, but it seems as the years go by, the more I find myself getting bored with the same ol' "Oh, the super-hero comic book industry is dying, I wish I had never done WATCHMEN, blah blah blah". 

Not to mention that he says IRON MAN was "pretty much a love letter to the American military-industrial complex"?  Again, all due respect, but couldn't it have just been a really fun movie starring an iconic super-hero?  Why do some people have to read into every movie and look for some deep, underlying message that attacks their own spiritual and/or political POV? 

Sometimes entertainment is made for the sake of entertainment alone.  

Someone summon the Hoary Hosts of Haggoth and cleanse the douche from Moore's soul....

Time to appropriate an old joke:

Q: What's crystal clear and lays on the ground?

A: Alan Moore with the shit kicked out of him.


He's always been a douchebag.

He didnt say that about Iron Man he was quoting someone else. He's a genius and probably a bit mad, also a wizard and I dont know about you but I dont want to be turned into a toad.

 "pretty much a love letter to the American military-industrial complex"?


Genius is stretching it a bit. Moore is a good writer but he has always been a douche bag. And I fail to see how Iron Man was a love letter to the military industrial complex, if anything it was making the point that there is too little accountability in it.

Whatever, Watchmen was good, his other stuff is overrated and he's pretty much an asshole.

 LOL Beavis style @ "knob"....

BigWilliam - 

Whatever, Watchmen was good, his other stuff is overrated and he's pretty much an asshole.

Watch yo mouth call Swamp Thing Overrated.

Overall Mr. Moore is the best writer in comics history and it has obviously gone to his head.

You can clearly tell that he is a douche just by reading Black Dossier (keep away from prose Alan) and Lost Girls (horrible). The interviews just tend to reinforce it.

shibbytastic -Overall Mr. Moore is the best writer in comics history and it has obviously gone to his head.

^^^^^^ This^^^^^^

moore has ALWAYS been a bit bizarre. he's written some of my favorite works, but to really understand him you have to try view anything he writes or says through the lens of a vegan anarcho-occultist who worships a pagan god despite believing it to be a hoax.

I heard that water is becoming wet too.

michael moore is becoming a tad hefty.

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Pretty much all writers are jerks. Artists would be as well, but it's hard to be a jerk to people when you're passed out on the floor of an opium den.

Don't think it's possible to look like Satan and NOT be a douchebag.

Pretty much everything Moore says serves to endouche himself more and more completely.

I think you hit awful close to the mark, actually ;-)

Liyon - He's always been a douchebag.


 LOL @ Knee