Alan Teo or Julius Park at BJJ??

Who is better at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Julius Park or Alan Teo. I know they are both awesome and trained by Renzo Gracie. Just curious who people think is better??

Both are very good and both have different games and compete at different weight classes.

Check out Danny Ives with the politically correct answer! :)

ttt for Julius! :)

What's the point of this question? Besides both being very good, they are both really cool guys. There is no way for anyone to answer that question w/out being a dick.

Also, I don't know for sure but I think Julius trains w/ Lloyd Irvin now because he moved.

The point is to get the question answered.

it's obvious what the point is.


Both guys are awesome on and off the mat. I would call them even but I think Julius wears cooler shorts so I would give him the edge:)....Joe

Hi everyone, I usually don't post but was made aware of this thread and wanted to give my thoughts. Besides being a Teamate, friend and all round nice guy, I think Julius Park has a awesome BJJ and Sub grappling game. Although we both train under the same instructor we have never had the pleasure of rolling together. I have heard his game is extremely technical and his thirst for knowledge is obvious as his game has notably improved over the years.

I feel as though my BJJ is still a work in proccess as well. I have fought some extremely tough and talented competetors in the last year. I am also honored to be asked to represent my team numerous times at my weight by Renzo himself. Obviously that speaks for itself...

My most recent losses were to....
Eddie Bravo (1pt after a 20 minute match)
Leozinho (no intro needed... first person to submit me in a tournament)
parumpinha (4pts vs 10 pts)

I am back in the gym trying to improve my game. I feel there is much I still need to learn and work on. I guess that's why Renzo still has me at purple.

ttt for Julius

my $ is on the asian looken fella.
both are tuff.

Very classy answer by Alan! :)

...and LOL @ Joe! ;)

I don't think Julius is a big one on postin here, unless it's NAGA results.

I can vouch for the fact that Julius is a bad ass though. I've watched him roll for almost three hours straight and never even breath heavy or break a sweat. The man is a stud.

TTT for Julius.

I train with Julius at Mater Lloyds in MD. Julius is very technical! I rolled with him for the first time a week and a half ago and was really impressed! I never rolled with Alan but from the video I've seen he is top notch at his weight.

This has got to be one the most random comparisons haha. Anyway...

Alan is the man! He has great BJJ and is just an overall good guy. Like he said, we've never even trained together although we have been in each other's corners plenty of times at tournaments. Stylistically, he is a better finisher than me and you'll probably have more fun watching his fights than mine haha. On a side-note, I train at Lloyd's now. Sorry if you were expecting some drama.

I have trained a little with both and both are very good, both were the best at their weight at the academy (I think Julius is a little bit heavier), hello to both of you guys from Mario and also to my big friend and exellent competitor Danny Ives.

Mario what's up dude! I'm going to make my way to Mexico sometime in late March, call me when you read this.

"I'm going to make my way to Mexico sometime in late March"

Mexico? OR Iowa? You told me that you were coming to Iowa!


I'm coming to Iowa you fag, the first week of March. Then it's off to Mexico.

I'm with DRC!! I think the Asian guy would win. However, the Blasian guy would beat the shit out of bothof them!

This is really a tough one to decide. Julius is known for his uncanny ability to work his way out of submissions by grabbing people's balls and "checkin' their oil" when the ref's not looking. These tactics, while completely unconventional, are extremely effective and work well in the street also.

Alan has been known to carry foreign objects onto the mat and use things such as shoe horns, toothpicks, and small vials of Chinese hot oil rubbed into the eyes to distract his opponents and set up his subs.

If I had to guess, I'd say Danny Ives would beat them both with his baboon-style jiu-jitsu that he learned from Chad Beatty.

For ONLY one week? ...That is weak! ;)