Alan Teo or Julius Park at BJJ??

What up Mike! Throw me an email.

Oh and Thaty says hi to all.....

Jesus man, Iowa or Mexico..what the hell is it?

Ives, we need to talk....come to Iowa :)


On a side note, i would have to say i'll go w/ Alan due to the fact Julius ripped me off at a NAGA last year! ;)


Wait those last 2 posts were by "MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ" not me....he logged in on my screen name by accident! lol

Yo me BMF


What ethnicity is Alan? is he half asian or full?

Juilius. Do you still represent Renzo in tourneys or are you on Loyd's team now?

I heard a rumor mike is the newest waterboy at MFS :).

These are two really cool and talented guys whose humilities would make both of them pass compliments back and forth to one another. But in general, I don't think it's really that cool to ask mutual friends or acquaintances to make public statements as to who is better than who. Suffice it to say, you can learn alot by watching either of them roll.

Charles....LOL...c'mon man! haha

Go get a suntan you albino


Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're not at Ground Control Julius. I really enjoyed trainin with you man, and I learned a lot from you. Thanks man.

DUDE DID I JUST POST THAT OMG ... well not I think we sould have a wrestle off and I get the winner


TTT (there you go Brennan)

Thanks (Donnie)

it's kara TAY. not Tee.

I've never fought Alan, but I've fought Julius plenty of times. One time he used the force and zapped my calves causing them both to cramp simultaneously WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING THEM!

Can Alan do that? Don't think so.

(PLease don't hurt me Alan.)

-David Jacobs

I fought Alan last June and hes no joke. If people are comparing this Julius guy to Alan then he must be good also.

Julius knows that I have been studying the force, too, and that I will shoot blue lightning bolts from my fingers to combat his devistating calf cramp.

Alan Teo obviously fears me or he would have responded by now.