Albama MMA Regulations List

Yesterday the Alabama Athletic Commission joined with ISKA to fully enforce the regulation of mixed martial arts. Some of the new regs include:

  • No 8-sided cages (Anti-UFC???)

  • Breaking Amatuer into Two Groups

  • Only Official Fight Posters

Check out all of the rules here.

The no 8 sided cage rule is interesting. Anyone know how that came to be? Did ISKA ask for that (they sanction here in SC and there is no such restriction to my knowledge), or did some politician think that it would be a good idea to write the law so as to exclude the biggest drawing organization that could potentially bring millions of dollars into the states economy by having an event there? Phone Post

the UFC has copyrighted the name "octagon". its easier to avaoid getting sued if you just use another shape. the goes for advertising your shoe as "ultimate fighting"

That makes sense from a promoters standpoint, but having that restriction in the regulations for the state seems to exclude the UFC from holding an event in the state unless they do so in a cage that does not have eight sides Phone Post

It's pure and simple language that is anti UFC.

MMAxNate - It's pure and simple language that is anti UFC.

It's actually not pure and simple at all.

It could be to dissuade small promoters from engaging trademark infringement.

It could that gambling lobbyists want to reduce big weekend competition with the UFC so they created a regulation that would preclude future PPV shows taking place in Alabama. If so, it would have little to do w/ the commission and everything to do with city hall or the state.

There are a number of possibilities. We should just wait and see what they say, rather than assume.