Alberto Crane

SKY CITY CASINO to host the return of Alberto Crane

Alberto Crane makes his long awaited return to the cage at SKY CITY CASINO on May 15th along with a triple main event featuring: Darryl Pridy vs Jimmy Westfall, Eric McElroy vs Benji Vasquez, and Brant Gibbs vs J. Gil. Gates open at 4:00pm, fights start at 6:00pm.

Good Luck Alberto!

whats the name of this event, and who is he fighting?

Lord, I hope he gets to fight the schedule (South Florida)fighter.

carlao: who? Crane is a bad bad bad man!

Ray... Defranco will not be fighting Crane on May 15th. This is a fight we'd love to setup in the future, but it won't happen on May 15th.

Are any Jackson fighters fighting? When will kotc be back at Santa Ana Casino with a big card?



I thought that Diego Sanchez was suppose to fight on this card against Kyle Breese

It's a KOTC event.

Diego fought last week at the Convention Center on a mixed Boxing / NHB card. AS far as I know, KOTC will never be back at Santa Ana Casino. We just have to put up with the drive out to Sky City.

A few of Jackson's guys will be fighting, as well as some other guys from our gym.

He's so adorable, no one hit his face!


I have to like this guy,after all his last name is also Crane.

I heard that Crane is fighting John Mahlow out of Mash.


Yes, his opponent is John Mahlow.

I guess the Florida guy turned the fight away.

When is diego going to be fighting on KOTC again

What weight is alberto fighting at?