Albino and Preto PreSale NOW

DomenicVelluso -
007 - AP and SYR are the best fitting gis out there in my opinion.
They were the first to have all the in between sizes like A2F, A1L, A2H, A3S, etc.
Of course I'm biased since they sponsor this Masters 4 competitor. Phone Post 3.0
Do you know when thete next drop is? I need a new royal blue shoyoroll! Phone Post 3.0
James foster posted a teaser of a new RVCA gi (not the mendes version). I think that's gonna be SYR next drop, not sure of color ways yet. I agree w 007 on the fit, and I'm not sponsored haha. Of course I am an A3L so that might play into it a bit. Like a glove! Phone Post 3.0

Waiting patiently for the next drop... i need a royal blue gi. Phone Post 3.0