Alco, my Johnson is better than your Johnson!!!

My Johnson seems to be noticeably larger as well...

It must hurt being a Bengals fan right now. I know all too well how you feel with your team's current predicament. It must be especially gutwrenching when you guys play good teams tough RE: Giants/Cowboys games this season.

Keep your chin up though Alco, as soon as Mike Brown sells the team or loses ownership by other means it will be WHO DEY time baby!!!  

TRJ, your Johnson looks like a damn defensive end lined up over those puny corners. 

That picture is correct.  A. Johnson is a stud.  Everyone wearing stripes this year is a dud.

 What a crappy year.  0-16 is possible.

 For overall contribution to their respective teams, it's probably more like this:

LOL.   For this season, you need to make C Johnson smaller than that..


My Marshall is better than both of your Johnsons and he is years younger than both. Not that he needed another advantage, but he also has a QB who is on the brink of being one of the best in the league and can throw the ball a mile. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are the next great QB WR combo in the NFL.


303 - My Marshall is better than both of your Johnsons and he is years younger than both. Not that he needed another advantage, but he also has a QB who is on the brink of being one of the best in the league and can throw the ball a mile. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are the next great QB WR combo in the NFL.


 Lay off the crack pipe 303. AJ has been the most productive WR this year, he was the most productive last year when he was healthy (missed 7 games), and he was a pro bowler with David Carr throwing to him (Steve Smith disappeared under the same circumstances).

Marshall is good, but he's not AJ. No WR has had AJ's impact this year. The last 4 games he's gone over 140 yards, that's freaking ridiculous. They're built similar and have similar games, both guys aren't afraid of going over the middle but AJ has the experience and is the smarter player.

Plus Schaub has shown after his rough start this year in his last 4 games as a starter that he can be a solid starter in this league. Most importantly, he's shown that he can get the ball to THE Johnson.

Another thing in AJ's favor is he's not a headcase...probably the only elite WR in the NFL that has that going for them which is especially amazing since he comes from the U yet is a mute.

 56 rec 772 yards and 2 tds vs 49 rec 598 yards and 3 tds

Then if you want to throw in track record of success AJ wins that hands down as well.

Seriously 303, get that shit out of here. AJ owns!!!

I will give you the head case thing as Marshall is young and learning, and I ahve vented my frustration on here about his lack of maturity, but Marshall was also suspended for a game at the begninning of the year and had a bye week this week. Unless the Texans have had their bye Marshall has had two less games to play than AJ. So all things being equal I think that Marshall would have better numbers than AJ if they had same amount of games played. So I will concede the head case issue, but you have to be willing to see that if Marshall had played in the same amount of games he could easily make up for the 7 receptions and 200 yards he is behind AJ, if not the 200 yards he would have the 7 receptions easily.

I also think that Marshall is more valuable to Denver than AJ is to Houston. Just look at Denvers offense the lack of depth at WR and its not hard to see. We go out and sign Darrell Jackson, Sammie Parker, and Kerry COlbert in the offseason in hopes of finding a #2 guy and who emerges as the #2 but a rookie. Now I think Royal is going to be a very good player but that was totally unexpected. If Denver loses Marshall we are totally screwed, whereas I think the Texans have more guys who can make plays than Denver. Parker and Colbert do not even play for us anymore, Stokely is a great 3rd option but is injury prone (he missed last game), and Scheffler is also one to miss games because of various pulls and strains. If we lose Marshall we are in bg trouble.

So while experience and the fact he is not a head case goes to AJ, I think Marshall plays a bigger role in our offense, is better after he catches the ball, and if he would not have played 2 less games than AJ his numbers would be better. I think Marshall has all the talent to be the top receiver in the game, so does AJ, but I think that AJ is in his prime, and Marshall is just beginning to grasp how good he can be and is a couple years away from his prime.


 303, if you're gonna be a homer just admit it instead of reaching. Do you not remember that whole HURRICANE FUCKING IKE that forced the Texans to take a bye week? That means Marshall has 1 less game than AJ (Because he's a headcase). Unless he's AJ reincarnated I dont see him making up those 7 catches and 200 yards.

Then you can go by ypg where AJ is a little over 10 yards ahead of Marshall. Watching the games its clear AJ is playing better than Marshall...and any other WR for that matter. Does Marshall make that ridiculously clutch 4th down catch against the Dolphins? Or any of the other many clutch catches AJ has made in his career?

Plus, like you said Marshall has Cutler who is a damn fine QB. AJ hasn't had even a decent QB until last season. Then you bring up supporting cast, the 4th round pick TE and the castoffs from other teams are very productive you are correct.

Which is another reason AJ plays a larger role in the offense because he draws coverage from those players so they can make plays (especially in the redzone). Dont hate AJ because Schaub spreads the ball around!!!

AJ > Marshall

As I said I was unsure about how many games the Texans had played. So AJ has one more game than Marshall, I do not think it is a stretch to say that Marshall would have caught 7 balls, and I said that the in all likelyhood he would not have the 200 yards, but he would have a few more TDs.

As far as clutch catches I think Marshall can make any catch that AJ can make. Marshall has had some very clutch catches in his career and has been on the receiving end of a few 4th down catches this season.

I have agreed all along that AJ has not had the QB that Marshall has had, but AJ does have the better supporting cast as Royal is a rookie and needs to keep up what he is doing. Scheffler has been hurt, Stokely has been hurt, so we are left with Glenn Martinez as the other target for Cutler. I am not disputing that AJ is not having a great year and is probably going to be the best eceiver in the league this year, but he is in his prime, Marshall is not and it will be scary once he is. At this point I do not think that there is anything that AJ can do that Marshall can't, but I do not see any receiver in the league with the ability to run after the catch like Marshall can. He has the chance to be one of the best to ever play as long as he continues to work hard, and grows up. With Cutler throwing him the ball there is no telling how far Marshall could go.

i would take andre johnson over marshall every day and twice on sunday

Tommy Gunnz - i would take andre johnson over marshall every day and twice on sunday

 And so would 303 judging by his quote, "I am not disputing that AJ is not having a great year and is probably going to be the best receiver in the league this year" which completely contradicts his opening post that Marshall is superior to AJ.

303, its all fine and dandy that you say you think Marshall will be better in the future, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But dont go saying one thing then contradict yourself shortly after yet continue to debate.

PS: Marshall can do everything that AJ can do? Does that include not being an immature headcase?

By not disputing what AJ is doing I was simply saying he will put up monster numbers this year and it will be obvious that he is on top of the league as far as numbers and production are concerned. Yes Marshall is a head case, but he is getting much better, AND there is nothing physically on the field that AJ does that is superior to Marshall. Marshall is better running after the catch, and is the better blocker. There are numerous highlights of him taking out LBs, DBs, and DLmen. Is AJ going to have the best numbers in the league this year, probably, does he deserve the credit he gets, absolutely and its about time he was recognized, but there is not anything that AJ can do on the field the Brandon Marshall can't.

There must be a mad crack epidemic in the Mile High City.

 Hands - AJ

Route running - AJ

Deep threat - AJ

Ability to make the team around him better - AJ by a mile according to 303 who is downgrading the Broncos offensive juggernaut he was so excited about early in the season to make Marshall look better.

Blocking - Probably a push, both guys are solid blockers in their own right

Only thing i'd give Marshall over AJ is YAC, which AJ isn't bad at himself.

Maturity - AJ

AJ > Marshall

But my Jackson is better than either Johnson - DeSean Jackson!

An interesting statistic is their third down conversion rates. AJ has been thrown to 9 times on 3rd downs, and has converted 8 of them for a 88% 1st down conversion rate on 3rd downs. He has averaged 20ypc on third down throws. BM has been thrown to 5 times and converted 4 times for an 80% 1st down conversion rating. He averages 15.8 ypc on third down throws. Obviously these stats are skewed by the offensive game plans and the defensive formations and such, but at the very least, it shows that the Texans know that AJ is the focal point of that offense and he has not disappointed in that capacity. Brandon Marshall is good, no doubt, but AJ is better and more valuable to his team.