Alcoholic parents

Create amongst the strangest environment for raising children. Even a decently kind drunk. Fucking madness Phone Post 3.0

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I was once convinced my father was dead upon arriving home to find him face down in a bowl of chili he had just heated up.

No death though, just burns.

I could maybe go on forever Phone Post 3.0

Wife is in rehab as I type. I have seen some pretty irresponsible shit. The stories she has heard in rehab are even worse. Phone Post 3.0

My dad was clean and sober before he had me, but he did once tell me that when he used to do speed, he once passed out while smoking a cigarette. He woke up later with a burn down his chest and a big burn on his stomach. The cigarette rolled down and burned itself out on him without him waking up.

Dads been a heavy drinker for over a decade now. He recently retired which I thought would help him become less stressed. Turns out he found out the same week he has a rare form of skin cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma. Been some trying times for our family. We find out later this week if it spread to his lymph nodes. Phone Post 3.0