Aldo/Bellator Won Last Night

Granted they still are not in Zuffa's league but the loss of the two biggest draws (GSP & Silva) will not be easily replaced. Combine that with Ronda losing more fans after her pulling the unsportsmanlike bs she did was all a gain for Bellator.

There is no one on their roster they could even try to justify the addition $5 for the ppv buy including Jones.

I said it for a long time Zuffa has been fucking Aldo for far to long. He was one of the best P4P fighters and got a fraction of the push any of the other champions get/got. Maybe now he will get the credit he has deserved.

A good heel sells as many PPVs as a good face. Phone Post 3.0

easy on the name calling. *post deleted

I don't think they know what to do with Aldo because he drastically changed his fighting style since coming to the UFC.

UFC has to create stars now. Dana can't be the only star heading into 2014. Looks like they will milk Ronda for at least 3/4 fights fights year. Phone Post 3.0

Ronda will never be able to carry a ppv Phone Post

Hired Gun - Ronda will never be able to carry a ppv Phone Post
She already has delivered one of the higher ppv numbers of the year in an event she pretty much solely carried? Phone Post 3.0