Aldo fires back at Khabib over criticism

Wow. Beating a journeyman last minute over a ranked contender? That alone makes one the goat lmao

Pretty sure it’s sarcasm, pal.

Terrorist loving scum


He’s dead on. Aldo’s one of the GOATs. Don’t give a fuck.


Khabib is more unlikeable every time he opens his mouth


1000000% I didn’t like him before… really fucking dont like him now. Fuck him and his whole crew.


I could have told y’all this 8 years ago. Conor too.

Thanks. I didn’t think I would have to explain that one.

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Use an emoji

I would, but I have a penis…


This. Who cares what Khabib thinks, he’s irrelevant at this point imo. Should stick to coaching


What’s that well worn saying about lions not caring about the opinions of sheep…

Khabib gives no fucks.

You are right but khabib is the only champ I can think of that repeatedly had dramas surrounding his weight.

The fight island bullshit one example.

He also pulled out of 5 booked UFC fights. One of which he got hospitalised because he couldn’t make the weight cut. The rest apparent injuries but wouldn’t surprise me if some of these were circumstantial also.

He gets more shit about it because he deserves it


If a champion doesn’t have weight problems then he is in the wrong weight class.

That’s BS and I hope the rules are changed to eliminate this shit


Khabib is a hyena. He strikes when it’s easy, he’s in a group and/or he has clear advantages, but takes off when the going gets tough.


The fuck are you talking about?


Oleg was trolling dagi’s a few years ago making fun of how they’d strike and then run and hide in the mountains. Made a ton of jokes about hiding in mountains that were lost in translation lol so it must be culturally relevant there.

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I agree with that. I would like to see them do 10 pounds or so between each weight class. Then do something similar to what OneFC does. You have to be within a certain percentage by X time on fight week.


It needs to happen and surprised it hasnt already tbh. Abolishing weight cutting would be better for the athletes on the whole and the fans imo.

The existence of weight classes the way they are literally becomes a competition on who can game them the most.

I guess the same argument applies to then gaming the hydration tests if implemented but if the technology is there, I support the change.