Aleks Emelianenko gets married in jail!

Sorry for google translation! (Sasha is Aleks in Russian)

The famous mixed martial arts fighter during the conclusion got not only his wife, but also overweight
This happened on 1 April. Therefore, many have decided - no joke. But no, all was well. This was "Soviet Sport" said Deputy Chairman of the Public Oversight Commission (JSC) for the human rights of the city of Moscow, Mikhail Sienkiewicz. He was just one of those who helped this marriage of true.
- Question First and foremost, it's true - the marriage of Alexander Emelianenko, or April Fool's joke?
- However, I was at the wedding ceremony.
- How can this be achieved?
- Great help my colleague Paul Pyatnitskii, also vice-chairman of the PMC Moscow. There were many obstacles, the referee was against it, then some documents missing. For example, a certificate of divorce. Sasha said, "You are not yet divorced, how can you get married?"
- And he divorced?
- Of Course! All documents have been collected in full. We defenders can not afford to like. And this is the result: everything was solemn.
- To do this, a separate room?
- Investigation office. Just choose which is more, so that all together.
- With windows?
- Of course, the windows were.
- But on the windows - the lattice?
- There's always on the windows of the lattice. It's Butyrka.
- The documents you have collected, as I understand it, long and just under podgadali April 1?
- I do not know when the documents were ready, but it's Sasha Pauline decided so - appoint April 1. And I got a call the day before and was told that tomorrow (April 1st. - Approx. Ed.) Ceremony.
"Exchanged rings and kissed"
- Representatives of the registry office especially come in Butyrka?
- Of Course.
- What was dressed groom?
- In a tuxedo, and on his feet are beautiful, expensive black shoes.
- That is, the prison authorities allowed Alexander to bring these clothes?
- Why not? I brought, and a tuxedo and shoes took Pauline.
- The bride wore a white?
- No, veils and Pauline was not. She was wearing a beautiful dress. Bride looked gorgeous.
- A witness as empty?
- What do you mean, how? The judge gave permission to do so. On the part of Pauline was her cousin, by Sasha, I do not remember some guy. We Pyatnitskoye Paul attended as Sasha's friends.
There has not been such as in the registry office: you get up on the left, you - right. The man who led the ceremony, just called in turn to the table of the groom, bride and witnesses. Then the bride and groom exchanged rings, kissed and congratulated them all. And be sure to note: Paul Pyatnitskii gave the bride a beautiful bouquet.
"SASHA added 20 KG"
- I want to learn how to sit Alexander. It is said that he made wrung smoking inmates. Is this true?
- This is nonsense in the sense that all is not presented so perverted. Yes, it was, but by mutual agreement, in the form of jokes. Who smoked and swore obscenities, press 20 times. And the camera is welcomed and decided to establish such a procedure. All it went only for the benefit.
- Sasha on the conditions are not complaining? Not twenty men with him sitting in the chamber?
- Normal conditions, three people in the chamber. He goes to the gym. And I said that gained 20 kg. Has become such a hero.
- 20 kg - it eats a lot, or pump?
- Relief has become. And to eat normally - in Butyrka well fed, plus he had to constantly transfer.
From the history of the problem
33-year-old Emelianenko Jr. is accused of committing sexual assault and stolen passports against a woman engaged in cleaning his apartment March 3, 2014.
Aleksander Emelianenko admitted he had sex with a woman who accused him of rape
Moscow investigators continue to deal in a criminal case, which was brought to the famous fighter without rules Alexander Emelianenko. Recall athlete suspected of raping a maid. 27-year-old Muscovite Polina Stepanova filed a complaint with the police on March 5 (more details)
Aleksander Emelianenko has pleaded not guilty to rape
Simonovsky Court of Moscow began to consider the high-profile case of Alexander Emelianenko, MMA fighters and the younger brother of the famous wizard Fedor Emelianenko. The defendant is accused of sexual assault, kidnapping passport and the decline in drug use (more details)

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