Aleks Emelianenko: I'm not guilty, I was set up

from the recent talk show

"Both before the court and conviction, and after getting free I said and keep saying that I'm not guilty. All those events happened by a number of reasons. In particular, so called victim fell under the influence of a certain circle of stakeholders. They took this case under their control. And then it came to the court. Long story short, they wanted me to pay money. But, of course, I didn't because I'm not guilty and I was not going to pay for something I never committed. Everything happened by mutual consent that night".

It's refreshing when a man has integrity and can't be bought 

Fuck trying to blackmail Aleks.


Crazy bastard Russians.

After all her statements that housekeeper is not even worthy my resentment.

"Everybody forgot about her, nobody needs her. She fled to Moldova to hide from me? I would find her anywhere if I wanted but I'm not going to do that. I will let her breath air and enjoy life. For me all this story is a closed chapter"

Forgiving as well. Modern saint IMO 

"I was upset, so I raped...I mean, I was setup, so I did not rape. Yes. This is correct sentence now."

In soviet Russia, victim attacks you!

"- Are you willing to take a polygraph test?

- Only in law enforcement agencies, and only if they demand it."

From 2015:

Emelianenko, who spent a portion of his career fighting under the PRIDE banner, and is best known as the brother of legendary heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, was charged with sexual assault, "kidnapping" by withholding a passport, and the forced use of "narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances." It appears the veteran fighter stole his substitute housekeeper's passport from her purse while she was cleaning the house and extorted her for sexual favours.

"According to Pauline, she was removed for a long time in the apartment, then Emelianenko offered her to play cards with him, but she refused." Stanislav Maltsev, the victim's lawyer, told After that, he slapped her hand on the head."

Immediately aware of the severity of the situation, Stepanova followed Emelianenko's instructions.

"He forced her to smoke a cigarette with "grass" and drink alcohol. All requests to let her go home and not to touch Emelianenko were refused."

However, Emelianenko did offer her to "jump out the window" if she desired.

After Stepanova was allowed to leave, she went to the police to file a report, but continued to suffer harassment from Emelianenko's friends, according to her lawyer.

"They repeatedly threatened her. These people said that they know where she lives, her family and young son. Then they offered to pay, so she changed her testimony."

Emelianenko pleaded non-guilty to all the charges levied against him. However, he did admit to "intimacy" with the victim. According to his attorney, "Emelianenko does not deny that intimacy was, but claims it was consensual."

The victim's lawyers revealed that they would push for a five-year sentence, which they deem "fair" for his crimes. The lawyers also filed a motion to release Stepanova from further participation in the case.

Following the closed-session hearing, the victim met briefly with the press. While she was in no mood to field questions, she revealed that Emelianenko had damaged her life beyond repair.

"I want Emelianenko punished."

Russia needs to #draintheswamp

Unfortunately Aleks is just a warped individual. He had it all and has constantly been offered a life line but his self destructive nature shuns the light. Sounds like that girl truly fears for her son. The way Aleks admits he would "could" (insert would usually" hunt someone down and get rid of them but will let her breathe shoes you just how far down the rabbit hole he's gone. Dangerous gangsters gonna gangster. One thing for sure is his real life story would make an incredible novel. Pity no one will hear the true version

Women can be cunts.

I judge no man

bluenoser - Women can be cunts.

I judge no man

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