Aleks Emelianenko is going to get married in jail!

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Famous Russian mixed martial artist Alexander Emelianenko, May is under arrest for rape maid, going to a wedding with his lover in prison.
The statement about the planned marriage, signed Emelianenko was handed his attorney investigator during the adjudication of the extension of his arrest. The athlete has decided not to wait for the court, where he could get a prison sentence, and now is ready to marry his girlfriend Pauline. Official comments from the prosecution, and the court itself Emelianenko followed.
Recall that the Investigative Committee of Russia (MRS) accuses Alexander Emelianenko in the commission of sexual assault and kidnapping of a passport. For these actions he faces up to six years in prison.
In early March of this year, the notorious fighter abused Polina Stepanova, labor in his apartment in Moscow as a maid, and then stole a passport from her handbag. Emelianenko himself claimed that "the connection was mutual," insists on still.
"From the Pauline we all happened by mutual consent. She did everything without my pressure, it has always been able to leave the apartment and leave. We laughed a lot, and of no force-hold speech was not. The next day, she even wanted to come again.
Probably wanted doubiratsya. My nerves - steel ropes. I am sure that everything will be resolved in my favor. I did not do anything criminal, and do not understand what a moment before her fault. I will not apologize. Resentment at her not. Counterclaim does not intend to submit. When I drink, behave appropriately, play guitar and tell jokes "- confessed heavyweight TV channel NTV.
Then Alexander Emelianenko was declared a federal inquiry. A few months later, and on May 9, athlete arrested in Tambov after he caused an accident. Emelianenko was driving in a state of extreme intoxication, do not fit into the rotation and demolished a lamppost. Guitars, it is worth noting when it was not.
May 13 after an accident on the highway Penza - Tambov Emelianenko was arrested and transferred to Moscow, where he was charged. As it turned out, he was going to Polina Stepanova.
Athlete detained, but first sent to the prison infirmary because of a hip fracture, which he received in the accident. Soon, during a confrontation soldier was identified victim.
"May 21 confrontation Stepanov Alexander Emelianenko indicated as the person who had committed the violence. She again described in detail all the events of the crime. In turn, Alexander Emelianenko, admitted that he was a sexual act, but he was committed without violence "- quoted lawyer Alexander Karabanova representing the victims Polina Stepanova, RIA" Novosti ".
5 September it was reported that a preliminary investigation of the criminal case against Alexander Emelianenko, who is accused of committing a sexual assault, was completed. A court in Moscow Simonovsky thus extended the arrest Emelianenko until 30 December.
It is worth noting that earlier times, Alexander became a party to such incidents, but each time they complete for the athlete safely. For example, in August 2013, the official website of the Investigative Committee said that the Russian MMA fighter suspected of rape.
Was held on procedural verification statement filed with the police 23-year-old girl who claims that the August 2, 2013 she was raped Emelianenko in a Moscow apartment. Then, under the provisions in such cases, checks and investigators interviewed Emelianenko, and the applicant itself, went into said in a statement carried her apartment and inspection.
In addition, the investigators planned to carry out a medical examination of the girl, and on the results of preliminary examination, take a procedural decision. Soon, however, Alexander said that the victim, to contact the police with a statement, was a girl of easy virtue, and she took his statement.
A few months later Emelianenko became a defendant in a new criminal case about the beatings after the scandal in Moscow cafe on East Street 23 October 2013. Then one of the places visitors accused of beating Alexander. In turn, the soldier said that he was the victim of an attack.
But then Basil Mysyutin victim told the court that no claim to the athlete does not have, because the next day they phoned and settled all questions. In the end, both parties have expressed a desire to reconcile the incident, but at first it was not a ground for termination of criminal prosecution Emelianenko.
A February 12, 2014 World judicial sector ?248 Moscow Danilov district still decided to discontinue criminal proceedings against Alexander Emelianenko in connection with the reconciliation of the parties.
Besides all this, Alexander Emelianenko repeatedly been seen in the excessive use of alcohol, which periodically becomes the cause of conflict situations. Including the official sports competitions, domestic and international flights.

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