Aleks Emelianenko stays in detention until Nov. 9

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Simonovsky court in Moscow has decided to leave in custody until November 9 Russian MMA fighter Aleksandr Emelianenko. Recall that the athlete is accused of rape. 
"It came back from the prosecution on retrial, in connection with which the accused ask to extend the detention period until November 9" - quoted by the investigator on the case rape. He also added that he sees no reason to soften athlete preventive measure, as it can hide at large. 
Lawyer Emelianenko Kahaber Dolbadze in turn sought leave athlete on bail of one million rubles. According to the lawyer, the child and the elderly mother of the accused need his help and presence. Emelianenko himself has not commented on the position of the defense. Term investigation extended until November 30th. 
Earlier, Alexander Emelianenko was wanted on charges of sexual assault in relation to Polina Stepanova, cleaned his apartment. 
May 9, he was detained in Tambov after he was responsible for the accident. Sportsman riding and driving a blue Opel, did not fit into the rotation and demolished a lamppost. Traffic on the roadway was paralyzed, and riding in the car with injuries to another soldier was hospitalized. Himself champion escaped with bruises. 
Inspectors found that the passenger car was moving with obvious overspeed. Emelianenko himself at that moment was so drunk that he could only speak the following morning.