Aleks E's Message to the UG

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I think he was unhappy with his fashion shoot.


right after Chuck Norris dies he will be the baddest man on the planet with a mullet.

I'ld like to drink beers with that guy.

Chuck Norris would cry if he saw Alex. Just because he knows he's related to Fedor.

I'm thinking that if I ever see him out and about with a young lady, I'll keep my fucking trap shut.

I like the silks in the French cuffs, classy.

I fought him in a cafe in Moscow...what a puss.

Baby killer!

You wouldn't say that to Alek's fetus-covered face!

Edited for spelling. I'm so nervous for The Garv!

Yes I would. He no speaky Enlish.

can you slap that on a t-shirt??


f*ck, I give up

LOL, look at his finger... it's like E.T.'s finger.   

shudders at the thought of the "Russian Chocolate" finger

HELLLOOOOOO colostomy bag.

great pic. haha.

lol at E.T.'s finger..he just wants to heal the world.

from Russia with love