Aleks unearthing old mountaintop barechested pics with Fedor


That is not the gayest pic I have ever seen

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Aleks looks like a slightly more drunken, violent, sociopathic, rapey version of Tom Cruise from Top Gun in this pic!

Just Do It Yes GIF by Rocky

Great memories. Pic was taken during the Golden Age of MMA. What a time to watch MMA never been another time like it.

lol what the fuck is that slightly built speedos-guy thinking.


Have you seen the pic of Russian babies sleeping outside in winter? This is natural for Russkies.

If I’m not mistaken, the red jacket guy is Omar Suloev, one of the first UFC Russians who later became a mafia hitman and died in jail.

The speedos guy is Fedor’s striking coach

And speedos coach

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His tribal dick tramp stamp has to be one of the worst tattoos ever

I meant more that he was in danger of provoking a sub-zero outdoor daylight gang-bang.


Pre-Dad bod Fedor

This is the prime fedor people forget. SERIOUS about training and fighting and being the best.

Fedor Team is able to resist this kind of provocation and even more than that