Alex Gong VS John Wayne Parr?!?

Did this fight ever happen...I know it can't now (RIP Alex) Never heard anything about it if it did.

If it didn't who do you think would've won?!?

i think i have this fight, i'll have to check

no, i wasn't thinking of Ludwig. I have alot of Gong's fights, and i was thinking this was one of them. Maybe not. I have alot of Parr's too, and they kind of blur after awhile

Don't think Parr ever fought Gong.....But I'm pretty sure Parr did fight in America at least once.

Wasn't the event called Muay Thai Explosion, with Parr and Melchor Menor against Thai opponents, as well as Manson Gibson vs Nick Kara, held in America? It occurred in the year 2002.


Parr has fought in America once or twice. He did fight Baxter Humby, "the one armed bandit" a couple of years ago for sure. It seems like he had one other fight here, but I can't remember who it was against. Parr and Gong have never fought.

JWP dominated Bang...

Bang has been training mma along with thai boxing for last couple of years..


Has been in thailand DOING NOTHING BUT MUAY THAI with sangtonoi, NO suprise that he beat bang.

Great fight, though

how did his fight with bang go?

JWP, Dawson, Jordan Tai, The Preacher Bruce McFie, Chopper Chapman, Zambidis... Oceania is where it's at for K-1 MAX.

pulsar is a stacked card full of correct.

"what were the results of the Humby fight?"

Parr won by 2 or 3 rd KO if I remember correctly.

Rather respectable of Humby to last that long, the reason he's called "The One-Armed Bandit" is because he's pretty much missing half of his arm.