Alex Gong vs JWP

Hello everyone,
I have been watching muay thai grow in America over the past few years and America now has many good champions. The one that stands out the most would have to be Alex Gong, he is always in the martial arts magazines and he looks very strong. I have just come back fighting muay thai again and would love for the chance to fight in America, never taking any short cuts I would like to fight the best you have to help make a name in your country.
If there is any promoters that are interested please email me on

Hello Wayne,

Are you still in Thailand or back in Australia?


Alex Gong is a great fighter, but you've fought a much higher level of competition than he has. I think he's kind of wasting himself in the States--he could be fighting top European, Australian and Thai guys and as far as I know.

Cool to see a top fighter posting.

Hi Bryan,
Been back in Australia since the fight. Had a little time off over the holidays but back into it now. Waiting to hear from France to see when I am in the final, then will go back to Thailand a few weeks before to get ready. We are fighting for 1,500,000 bath so it will be a pretty hard fight, still not sure if it will be one fight or a super eight again?? After that I might be fighting Chopper in Australia in March then hope to get over seas as much as I can to fight the best of the best around the world.
Take it easy,


I have only heard about Alex through the magazines but what ever other champions you have I would be more then happy to fight, just so I can get over there and get my foot in the door. There is not much left here in Australia for me and I believe that muay thai in America is going to be huge soon with all the K1 promotions. Hopefully will get there one day.

Are you fighting Chopper under muaythai rules? How's everything at Saengtiens gym? I miss those guys. I'm Hoping to get back to MuangThai in the new year.

If you make it to California, The Krusty burgers are on me.


I think Duane Ludwig teams with Sven Bean (sp?) for management/promotion, but I am not sure. He is at the same level as Gong (arguable better), but he may be focusing more on mma currently. I think that both post in the ug and possible here too. I'll look for contact information next week.


Alex works with Scott Coker a lot. Scott puts on the Strikeforce cards in San Jose that are often seen on ESPN2, he also promotes fights in Vegas for K-1.

I would love to see this fight.

Hey John,
I wanted to congratulate you on your victory last year at the King's Birthday fights against Orono. You looked real sharp and were definitely the better man that night. Way to go, mate!


John, Duane Ludwig is another top name in American Muay Thai. there are 2 or 3 other big names. I hope you make it big in the U.S., Thaiboxing fans here deserve to see a competitor like you!

With Gong splitting his time between running the fairtex camp and training,you would have the heavy advantage, and Gong would have to train for the fight of his life! I've never seen Gong post here btw, but Duane Ludwig does, and he also posts on the Underground Forum.

JWP, is there any fight footage of you online?

Hi Bryan,
How have you been? Looks like I might be fighting Chopper in March under full Thai's rules. Last time we fought was under kickboxing in a super 8 and some how the judges thought he won after I dropped him twice and he dropping me once in a 3 round fight. This time should get revenge, he is number one in Australia and New Zealand at the moment so I have to knock him out to get my place back.
Sangtien has opened a new gym behind the new hospital were you would have run the big block. Its a lot bigger now but the training is just has hard. Had three weeks there before the last Kings birthday, one of the hardest camps in Thailand. Will be going back there again about 3 weeks before my fight in France with Nuengtargarn, prize money for the winner is 1,500,000 bath so I will have to be in the best condition of my life. If I win I will buy the Krusty burgers.
Take it easy mate,

JWP big fan of yours from sydney, i've seen u live twice before and i want to see you fight Dawson again in MT not kickboxing. Dawson is awesome but i cant see him beating u.


hey john,

is Sangtien's camp open to everyone? (non-professional fighters too?) you know how i can get in contact with him for training? thanks!!

Hi Liam, Thanks for your support mate. Would love to fight Dawson again, Think I am fighting Chopper in March then hopefully Dawson after that. Been boxing for a year so I have to knock out all the names in my divison to get my name back up there again.

Hey Nebuchadnezzar,
Sangtien's camp is open to everyone but at the same time it is not the place you wont to go if you are just starting out. It is one of the top gyms in Thailand at the moment and the training is very hard, 7 days a week morning and afternoon. If I was you I would go to Pattaya or Changmai, least while you are training you can see a bit of Thailand and enjoy your self, Sangtiens gym all you see is pads, bags and the walls in the room you sleep. If you are still keen I will give you his phone number.

thanks for the info JWP! i've trained in thailand before at a very small camp (Sima in Chiangmai), but that was many years ago and i'm definitely out of shape! i actually have no concrete plans to go back to Thailand, but i've been such a big fan of Sangtien that i'm hoping to arrange a trip for later this year... it would be an honor to train with him!

...looking forward to seeing you fight!

(if you have his number, i would be very grateful! you can email me at


do you have any plans to fight in MMA?

Khun Kao, can you archive this?

John, i hope you drop in from time to time here when your schedule allows. you might also have fun in the australian forum if you haven't been there yet. good luck with your fights!

Hi Pk,
My mate Ray that does alot of promotions here on the Gold Coast also has promoted the two Spartan shows which I judged. I enjoy watching but I dont think I will compete while I am still doing muay thai, have to learn my ground fighting first.

Hey yusul,
Only got put onto this site the other day by the fella's on the Ax site. This is a good site with heaps of stuff to look at. I also like the Enson forum, I met him in Thailand last year and he is a nice guy and going by the forum very famous. Thanks for your support mate and talk to you soon.