Alex Jones Infowars

I’ll defend the fact that Alex Jones should die a penniless fuck for what he caused to those Sandy Hook parents.

I know people who lost kids that day.

My bias here is being a decent human being… something Alex Jones is demonstrably not.


Nothing you say is believable.

You don’t know shit.

The system is so vested in denying a fair trial, that people would be justified in believing that the events surrounding Sandy Hook are questionable.

Hopefully you’re trolling.

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About what?

Kangaroo court default judgments and a lack of a trial.

Wow, maybe not.

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He knows, he’s just yanking your chain

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They just banned that video…is there another link?

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The latest Alex Jones podcast is posted above this video

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Derp GIF by 43 Clicks North


In fairness, so long as he keeps his conspiracy crap confined to this thread, it’s not too bad.

The countdown is on for how long it takes Fucktard Alex Jones to claim yesterday’s shooting was a false flag. You know it’s coming …

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Yes I do, again I’m hoping it’ll be confined to this thread, although he may be a little gun shy (pun intended) after having to declare bankruptcy.

After all the shit he’s been through these past few months for the Sandy Hook nonsense I’d be surprised if he said anything lol

He’s a fucktard of the highest order. He can’t help himself from pandering to the retards that watch his idiocy. He’ll definitely do/say something unbelievable stupid. It’s who he is.

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5-25 transmission. Wrong date is on the video.


How much medication are you on?

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