Alex Jones Infowars

That’s the best shit I’ve ever heard.


Everything AJ said in the song is true

People act like he makes this shit up but the tides have been turning for years.

Tucker Carlson is great friends with Alex Jones. He gets a lot of his ideas from Jones. The Tucker Carlson lovers don’t know this and the AJ haters don’t know this either.

They actually hang out with each other occasionally on family dinners and Tucker calls AJ once or twice a week. Same with Joe Rogan.


Well, retards are gonna retard. And hang with other retards. Makes perfect sense.



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I’m not an Alex Jones hater. I don’t know if I agree with everything he’s ever said or done but I don’t think he’s full of bullshit either. He’s mostly shown evidence or proof of what he’s claimed. I don’t think he should’ve went so hard on sandy hook but we’re all susceptible to mistakes.


Especially when we think our cause is righteous

Alex jones is an American treasure


Alex Jonesers, whatchu think about Sandy Hook?


A treasure that should be buried.

Alex Jones just eating shit in court…


Alex was the first came for on twitter

Then they came for the conservatives

Now alex is the first again

I wonder what will happen next?

He’s so fucked. They said with all of the sponsorship and supplement sales, including one called rock hard or hard on that they had a giant poster of in court, he makes 100 mil a year. They want 3 years earnings to go to the families

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We should absolutely come for anyone harassing parents who lost their kids in school shootings.


You celebrate it but a judge being that big of a cunt opens the door for an appeal if the jury hammers Jones.

Reiterating that you can’t lie in court and not letting him speak outside of testimony is being a cunt?

Yes that judge is being a cunt, vis a vis your faggot ass is literally posting the clips celebrating her cuntiness then playing dumb.

I never once heard, in listening to the entire Depp trial, the judge directly address the plaintiff or defendant rather than their lawyers, nor did I hear the judge talk about what she had heard about a party outside of the trial, nor did I hear the judge accuse a party of perjury, nor did I hear the judge give such a bold opinion that indicates clear bias about how the parties participated in discovery.

Judges should keep the train on the tracks and privately dress down attorneys when they’re out of line, unless there’s a need to directly intervene in testimony to stop the jury from being biased.

So yes, I do believe this judge is either not a good judge, or is just an absolute cunt of a person.