Alex Jones Infowars

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Clown court


Great eye opener on what a circus of corruption the US courts have become… low standards… all of these activist female judges…. A harbinger of the fall of an empire…


Sorry they’re female. We know you hate that.

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Women don’t make for good judges. I could think of a dog could read a law book they’d do a better job of remaining impartial and not getting emotional.

Why do people pretend like it’s sexist to acknowledge uncomfortable biological facts? The job is to remain impartial and unemotional, the sex that is predisposed towards being partial and emotional is therefore on average going to be more likely to be a poor judge.

And for fuck sake Alex’s last judge had extremist democrat shit and profile pictures all over their social media. That alone should be prohibitive from ruling over a person they clearly have heard of and hate’s case. A good judge would have recused themselves instead of taking the chance to crucify a figure they don’t like because of politics.


Ksac is a bitch cuck who thinks women will fuck him if he proves what an amazing feminist ally he is.

They are actually all repulsed by him


“Globalists In FULL PANIC as Nations Choose Populism Over Controlled Collapse FULL SHOW 9-26-22”

Seems like a joke. Is it for real?

Or are they just putting on a show for the public?

The whole thing at this point has become beyond ridiculous.

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