Alex Jones Invites Sandy Hook Family On The Show After Verdict+FBI Raids Black Socialist Group Over Alleged Russia Ties

will be interesting if he makes peace with the parents

another weird story

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why? not only did he do nothing wrong ie did not do what the media has accused him of all this time, he’s also apologized numerous time. this is nothing but a money grab and using the bodies of their dead lids to further political aims


that was my point actually
should have worded it better
i meant that if he makes peace with the parents then
this whole game against alex will be exposed

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Take a look around, if there is an elite cabal controlling everything from behind the scenes, they no longer care about being exposed

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The families won’t get shit. He’s already declared bankruptcy and the appeals will go on for years. If you expose Pedo Peter he will ruin you.

I’d watch that & hope the parents would ask him about his association with halbig, if he did any of his own research in his credentials & claims. Is so, how he missed so much & did he even care?

Why he ignored his producer’s warnings that he was batshit crazy, ignored obvious & blatant lies in his theories, never offered a retraction when easily disproven, why he shared their phone numbers if he really believed they weren’t deep state operatives.

if he cared so much about free speech, why didn’t he mention Halbig was using his SH donation money to try & silence other truthers exposing him & his BS?

What, exactly, did his own research indicate & why?

Etc, etc. would be a good watch IMO.

of course because in reality they will never get exposed
because they control the media

the truth does not matter much
what matters is what the media says is true

Sandy hook was a hoax. The facts don’t add up. Do your research.

Black socialists aligned with russia? Its like they are trying to give my worldview a jon jones eyepoke

Me thinks tards are gonna tard at the FBI.average tuesday.

no way russia trusts guys this stupid to discreetly handle business in the U.S

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yeah of course your right

but there are stories of groups like the black panthers
and even MLK getting some help or having a connection to russia-cccp

probably mostly bs