Alex Jones literally stopping child trafficking

He’s the hero we need, not the one we deserve.


Can’t watch now, I’m in the Supercuts waiting room. I think they’re a leetle too keen on the child trafficking to have this playing. Will watch later.


what happened next?

holy shit that sketch as fuck.

need to know wtf happened next !!

Happens thousands of times.

They either waited until Jones left or they got a bigger vehicle.

Jones is crazy but he’s on-point here.

Crazy like a fox…

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Lord worker

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What the… Is this real,??

1000% real

I posted this video earlier here, and I went to twitter to see their dumb reaction, they think it’s staged. Are you insinuating that in your 1000% real? I’m curious.

What are the chances that the lady in the back seat with the kids was the mother of the kids, and that she’s too poor to afford a vehicle that can transport all those kids, as opposed to those kids being trafficked?

Would there be a problem if instead of doing what they did, they got in to their own vehicles and said we will escort you to wherever you’re going, we’ll put our hazzards on to make the children safe, and as they’re driving one of them calls the police?

Well they say you get $1200 a person, so that lady might’ve come out with what? $5k or $6k??? Clothes, a free plane ticket… how isn’t anyone drafting up articles of impeachment over this??? I don’t get it. It’s in our fucking constitution.

Yeah I think it is 1000% real and legitimate.

I don’t see a problem with handling it like how you suggested but I have no issues with how AJ handled it either.