Alex Jones stops kids being smuggled with their mother

video picks up after they tracked the kids being taken to a church for clothes and credit cards that total $1200 and I guess a bus or plane ticket to somewhere in to the US… so this is what’s happening with every child. Cool. Good job Biden!

Biden is abetting trafficking.

And all the limpwristed liberals that voted for this are co conspirators.


how mad are you? HAHA

This is happening THOUSANDS of times.


Nothing to see here folks!!! Move along!!!

You don’t matter.

i mattered enough to elect Biden LOL

Why can’t I watch any of the YouTube videos posted in this new forum?

That’s your opinion of yourself.

All I’ve ever seen you post is shit trying to troll… on a message board with what? 50 or so active users?

Fuck man, you totally proved me wrong.

How many times you vote ?

press play twice

this shit is unreal.

I do. It just tells me there is an error.

up, up, down, down, left, right, left. right. A, B, A, select, Start… ya man I don’t know. just search on youtube or google, easy to find 5 minute clip

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