Alex Jones vs MSNBC

Two people.

One only gets info from MSNBC.

The other only gets info from Infowars.

Who is better informed and who has a more realistic view of what is happening in the world?


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The answer is obvious

is it?

AJ is my boy… Love that guy…

Was MSNBC right about ANYthing 2016 to 2020? I mean, I think I can list a dozen “bombshell” type stories they pushed, off the top of my head, that were not only flat out wrong…. It’s a safe bet to say they knew so when they ran them.

They’re not called MSDNC for nothing.

In their defense, I guess… they got Sandy Hook right.

We live in a world where Alex Jones is an infinitely more honest and reliable source of news than any organization owned and operated by the Cathedral.

It’s always been this way.


I was discussing something similar with a friend the other day because I told them that I watch Fox News instead of CNN. They told me that Fox is extremely bias and I agreed, Fox has a right wing bias and CNN has a left wing bias. The problem is Fox will tell me the truth with a bias but CNN will simply lie to me.

Bias is something I can handle but I dont want to be lied to.


I’ll take the guy who’s been right on about 85% of things the last 20 years and sells iodine vs. Msnbc with their constant lies about covid, blm, Antifa, the vote, white supremacists, insurrection, etc…


The news has become a tool to deceive the American people into accepting whatever the CIA’s up to. Media is the enemy.

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You can google and site the harvard studies on media bis to show while cnn and fox are both biased, fox is much, much more fair. Studies from liberal harvard of all places. Then you can tell you friend to shit in his hat

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Alex Jones and its not even close

Before the Obama years I thought Jones was a complete nut.

I still think he’s a complete nut but these days he gets much closer to the truth than most of the main stream media, which says more about how far the MSM has fallen than about Jones.

If he would just stop with the hyperbole and crazy generalizations and extrapolations, he’d be much more credible. These days there is enough crazy stuff going on that he doesn’t need to embellish the truth.

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20 years ago this was considered left wing.
The poles shifted and a lot of people missed it.
While we were arguing about nonsense culture war shit, they changed the backdrop we were standing in front of.


As someone who was getting deeply involved in left wing politics 20 years ago, I can attest that much of this was parroted in the sociopolitical movements I encountered…

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Growing up in the bay area during the 80s-90s. This was a common sentiment. And these were deeply lefty thoughts.

Alex is proven right all the time.

The news is proven bullshit EVERY FUCKING DAY.

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I wouldn’t say he “right all the time”

Jones is like a metal detector dude that is 100% sure every beep is gold / part of the 1000 year old illuminati nazi globalist eugenic conspiracy. Yes, there is something down there but you have no idea what it is until you dig down and see for yourself. Usually its not gold / part of the 1000 year old illuminati nazi globalist eugenic conspiracy.

He’s wrong about so much crap I can’t even begin to recount it all. when you throw out so much crap you are bound to right just by chance sometimes. Besides his definition of being “right” is very loose. for example he’s been saying for years that there were human animal hybrids that were basically out of the island of dr moreau. Then some news will come out that some scientist grafted a human finger onto the back of a mouse or injected some human gene into a spider and Jones with scream, See! I was right all along!"

All that said, he’s still more credible than MSNBC and most of the MSM.

Okay but he’s so fuckin entertaining though

He’s entertaining as hell, which is why I keep listening to him but If you actually believed everything he said you’d think that we were all on the verge of death because of the bioweapon (the vaccine) intentionally released by the “globalist” as the final stage of their depopulation plan to take over the entire world and enslave and rob whoever is left and then escape to Mars and laugh at us and live forever with their secret life extension serums derived from babies’ blood taken from the babies either after or before they are used by the international pederast conspiracy?

And the amazing thing is that he’s still closer the the truth than the MSM…

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