Alex Pereira vs. Bruno Silva

Up next… I got Silva

I got Silva too.

I got Alex

Holyshit LHW is a ghostland

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Pereira by KO

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I want the glory dude.

Im excited for this fight! I got alex. I think hes going to put on a show.

5-1 so far!

Badass fight to start the card with

I just hope Alex doesn’t turn into one of those retards that’s elite at the thing they’ve done their whole lives then thinks they are elite at the new thing they’ve practiced a few years.

Was just going to say Danbury=Glover.

Silva looking good

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Looking gold

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I understand Silva. I had to make it dirty to get it done last night with my wife.


If she washed more it would make it easier.

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On paper yes

Whoever does the stats for the fights needs to be executed in the octagon. They are always way off

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Jumping knees and flying knees are not the same thing.


This better not go to a Dec

Anytime a fighter leaves the ground to throw a knee they call it a flying knee

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