Alex Reid gets called out by Jason Barrett

Alex Reid is having dinner at a restaurant with his girlfriend & friends when Jason 'Bad Arse' Barrett turns up to call him out. Jason is standing in the street with a megaphone calling him out in a very desperate & pathetic way to try & stay relevant in UK MMA. a very bad advertisement for the sport in general.

Could a blue namer please embed this:


Well that was lame.

Fuck me, UCMMA is more embarrasing for the sport than I thought possible.

Staging a scuffle in the street and sending a hobbit with a lisp to film it? Really?

"Alex Reid has nothing to do with British MMA" - British MMA

Believe me.

Very sad sad clusterfuck!


I can't believe two guys with losing records are on a PPV main event over here in the uk...

I can't believe two guys with losing records are on a PPV main event over here in the uk...

This is UCMMA. Surely Dave O'Donnell can not condone this sort of thing, scripted or not. Phone Post

Staged and lame

Jesus! I'll say it again, as a proud Englishman that is just cringeworthy to watch. No wonder other countries hate us. I see where they are coming from sometimes. Hopefully the police will take action and do him for common assault. Phone Post

these guys make Daley look like a national hero

Mark 'Wartime' Carling is a little hobbit who is a cancer in UCMMA, his journalistic skills are fucking shocking!

Alex Reid got fat! Phone Post

so fake ffs

lol ... england.

hmmm Phone Post

I was trying to find a way to put a better spin on this, but it can't be done.  Its desperate and cheap.  All i can argue is that they are not representative of the mma community here, this is all done to try and get people who only know Reid from gossip magazines to start watching.

Barrett is a cock Phone Post

^^^^^^ This ^^^^^ Phone Post

This is why Dana needs to bring the UFC back to the UK more often, then no one will pay attention to fuck wits like these. Phone Post