Alex White KOed

He was sleeping standing! Nasty KO Phone Post 3.0

Awesome KO. Good fight too. Super entertaining. Phone Post 3.0

Looks like it took his brain a second to realize it was asleep Phone Post 3.0

That was a cool delayed reaction

Looked like me when I stand up too fast. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone catch if saying to the doctor "I faught?" That was a brutal ko! Phone Post 3.0

Alex is tough Phone Post 3.0

He was smiling while he was down like he was watching something funny, then got hit with the hammer fist. LOL!

dhughes - Maybe a "Standing Schuab"?

ohlololol you devious prick

looked like he was trying to call the soul hotline before it flew off for good.

or maybe he was trying to say

"lose my number"

TomEisen -
Phone Post 3.0