Alexander Volkov vs. Roy Nelson

Up next... I got Volkov 

volkov is overrated... he shouldve lost his last fight to timothy johnson nelsons got this 

Nelson by KO

Volkov gettin' his chin cracked

Fucking war going on there, boys.

Big Country and Volkov bringing it in that first round.

Horrible stand up... BS

1-0 nelson

Dan fucking up wtf was that

I cant believe how small Roy looks


Volkov looks terrified. 

Volkov definitely got the better of round 2.

1-1 i guess... but imo nelson did more even in that round

Big country looks terrible tonight

nelson needs to get his fucking wind back... this fight is his to win

Big Country is not looking good, but he should be able to pull out a win in the 3rd.

nelson threw one fucking punch the last 40 seconds... time to retire roy youre looking pathetic 

Volkov won...

I'm a huge Nelson fan, but at 40 you have to put extra effort into your conditioning and it shows that he hasn't.

With this loss, Roy has dropped 7 of his last 10 fights. Not good.

Yeap look's 40... still love him though.