Alexis Davis!!

Sick armbar good to see her get the win over Kaufman Phone Post 3.0

That stomping by rousey was bizarre and just happened, but on the ground straight up I've always thought Davis ground skills were the closest to rousey in the division

Her match w Gracie shows she is legit on the ground Phone Post 3.0

She did an awesome job in that fight. Loved the finish but the whole fight was fun to watch. Phone Post 3.0

Great win for Davis... happy for her

I put 20 quid on alexis cote rampage couldn't believe she was underdog Phone Post 3.0

always finds a way to win

I thought she could've got the triangle but that arm bar was slick. Great sign of respect and professionalism by not snapping that arm. Phone Post 3.0

akb62 - She should only pull guard Phone Post 3.0
She has decent clinch and trips Phone Post 3.0

I included every fight tonight on my bet slip and this was the only one I got wrong (not including main event obviously). Pleased for alexis and all, but pretty gutted to be so close to a nice little pay day. Phone Post 3.0

I don't bet on women, they are too unpredictable Phone Post 3.0

Kaufman has to be pretty pissed right about now. She was basically forced into this fight as opposed to a longer layoff or a much lower tier opponent. Phone Post 3.0